about me (En)

Born in Osaka, Japan and raised in Singapore.
Since having lived in Singapore, has no barrier to communicate in English.
Has affluent traveling experience abroad as a backpacker.
Speaks English and some Spanish and German.

Graduated Keio University in 1999.
Majored international relation policy.

After graduating from university, worked as a system engineer for one and a half years.
After working as a system engineer, worked as a management consultant to build businesses and marketing strategy for major Japanese companies ministries and local governments.
After working as a management consultant, started my own business focusing management consulting and web developing services.
Interviewed by major media; Nikkei, Fuji-TV, TBS radio etc.
After 8 years of experience of my own business, joined a startup and worked as a marketing and business planner in Tokyo whose business is to encourage innovators in Japan with web recruiting service and open innovation platform.

After working at a startup company, joined one of the major loyalty programme and retail company in Japan as an app planner and sales executives of fin/retail tech app and business strategist.

Now I’m a business development member of one of the fastgrowing unicorn company from India.

Bookshop wondering, watching data of professional sports, backpacking.

Favorite bands:
Fear Factory, Korn, Type O Negative, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Faith No More.

Where I’ve been to:
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, UK(including Wales, Scotland), France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Czech, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Australia.